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1910s Pompadour Hairstyle

1910s Simple Pompadour

In this coiffure one part is made across the top or crown of head extending from back of the ear to the other ear, separating the hair into a front and back section

The front hair is combed out as shown above, and is curled or waved and gathered up on top of the head, slightly to the back, and pinned into place.

A transformation may be used or a roll placed under hair, if thin, to keep it in shape and to raise it sufficiently for the desired effect.

The back hair is then braided into one braid and gathered into a cluster knot and pinned into place at the back of the head or simply gathered at the top of the head, being collected in roll fashion and pinned into place, using a back comb to fix the front and back sections.

A roll or switch may be added to give form to the back section. The hair is then lightly combed out to cover the side partings. All the free ends of the back hair must be tucked away as they give a disorderly look not only to the simplest but to the most stylish and complicated coiffures.

One variation of the finished style is shown above.