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1910s Marcel Waves

1910s Marcel Waves

The proper curling iron to use is that of Marcel shown above.

A curling preparation (setting lotion) may be applied to the hair before curling to render the undulations more permanent. The hair, having been dried, is now thoroughly combed out, evenly dividing the hair aureole fashion and gathering the hair above the ring of hair to be curled on top of the head.

The operator is now ready to begin marcelling. She should start at the right side of the head. Comb out a strand of hair about three or four inches wide. Do not make it too thick, as this interferes with curling. Hold the iron groove inward or toward the scalp in the right hand, and with the left hand hold the strand of hair. Hold the iron in a perpendicular position, beginning the first curl just over the ear, but not too close to the scalp. The hair near the scalp is done last with a smaller iron, after all of the hair has been waved.

Press the handles of the iron downward, giving it a downward pull at the same time.

Allow the hair to remain in this position for a moment to obtain the curl and remove.

Now slipping the fingers of the left hand further up the strand, apply the iron again, placing in line with the first curl and about one inch above it, and again curl, this time pushing the iron forward as it is twisted downward, which gives the marcel effect.

Continue along the whole strand quite to the end, making five to seven of these curls in the strand, according to the length of the hair. The iron on the third curl should be pulled downward, and the fourth pushed upward, and so on, in zigzag fashion, as it were, to get the proper results.

The first strand having been completed, the one behind it is taken up and curled in the same way. The curls must always be made in line with those of the first strand to give the coiffure an even effectand, to accomplish this, a small part of the first strand is included with the second to serve as a guide in placing the iron properly.

The hair having all been waved, gather the various strands on top of the head, not drawing them too tightly, and pin them into place.