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1910s Pysche Knot

1910s Psyche Knot

For the Psyche Knot coiffure the hair is parted into four sections...

...and waved.

The front and side sections are gathered at the top of the head, pompadour fashion; but the back hair is divided into two strands which are combed out and rolled over the finger into two long curls.  These are gathered into a cluster knot, pulling the centre section or curl outward.  The distance this part of the curl is pulled outward depends, of course, on the amount of hair to be worked with, or on your own taste and desire.

A switch may be used to fill out the back hair sufficiently to accomplish this.

A back comb is used and celluloid pins and hairpins to fix the whole into place. The whole coiffure is then gone over with deft touches of the comb to give it neatness and evenness.