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1930s Pin Curling

1930s Pin Curling


Comb all hair back smoothly away from the forehead as in a straight back. It is necessary to use very small sections in pin curling. At the center of the face line, take the first square which is a 1/4 inch block, place the index finger of the left hand under this strand of hair, grasp it with the right and and bring it around the tip of the left index finger very tightly. Continue placing this strand around the tip of the finger, lap upon lap, until the very end is reached. Then wind this end under the curl, so that the curl cannot become loose.

Form an X with two hair pins through the curl, with the points of the pins toward the face so that they will not interfere with the next curl.

There are four of these sections of pin curls from the center of the face line back towards the crown. Make a row of curls on each side of this first row and parallel with it (4 curls to a row).

The next row (that will be third from the top) goes from the face line around the crown and around the other side at the face line. This row is wider at the face line and narrower at the crown. As the sections are taken around the crown divide the square section into two triangles in the center. These sections of 1/4 inch are taken until all of the hair is pin curled. Place net snugly and do not remove pins until hair is perfectly dry. Pin curls are set as brush curls are, layer by layer, always beginning at the bottom layer.