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reVamp is the brain child of Annamarie von Firley and Autumn Carey Adamme. Created in 1998, the two teamed up to create reVamp, fusing an abiding interest in swing dance and the always superior styling of vintage fashion. Centering on clothing inspired by designs from 1910-1950, reVamp offers all the elegance and beauty of bygone eras in clothing that can be worn comfortably in a contemporary context. Parting ways after their first productive, yet exhausting year, Annamarie von Firley is the exclusive owner of reVamp. Autumn Carey-Adamme has returned her complete attention to the growth of her successful custom corset company, Dark Garden.

Annamarie von Firley, a designer with a passion for collecting and wearing vintage clothing, received her first degree from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts in Wooden Toy Design and Construction. She earned her second degree from California College of the Arts in 1996 and graduated with honors with a BFA in Furniture Design. She formerly was a professional dancer working with three San Francisco based dance companies. In her spare time, Annamarie is an accomplished flying trapeze artist. She is the Vice-President Emerita of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. Annamarie has amassed a growing collection of vintage clothing, catalogues, movies, text books, music and art from 1890 to 1950.

Designers: All designs are by Annamarie von Firley, except for Swing Collectibles and Daywear Collection, which are by Jane Barnes, Autumn Carey-Adamme and Annamarie von Firley

Photography: Sammy Primero, Alex Salmona, Jeff Spangenburg and John Carey

-In the Press-

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● reVamp has provided clothing for the following tv shows: Agent Carter, American Horror Story, Saturday Night Live, Big Love, True Blood, The Comedians, Swingtown, Sarah Connor Chronicles, True Jackson VP, Lie to Me, Fresh Beat Band,The Jump Arounds, As the World Turns, For Better For Worse.

● reVamp provided garments in the upcoming Tarantino film "The Hateful Eight" as well as "Django Unchained".

● reVamp's handiwork was seen in the World Premier stage production of Frank Zappa's "200 Motels" at the 10th Anniversary of Disney Hall.

● reVamp made Miss Ivonne's dresses in the World Premier of the stage production of "The Pee Wee Herman Show" in 2010.

● reVamp has made garments for the following theatres: Wynn Hotel's "Showstoppers", Stratford Shakespeare Festival LA Women's Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare in the Park, Foxwoods Theatre, Geffen Playhouse, Triad Stage, Walt Disney World Christmas Special, The Pee Wee Herman Show, Center Theater Group, Papermill Playhouse, Taproot Theater Company, Sierra Repertory Theater, Wichita State University School of Performing Arts, Pleiades Theatre, Cirque du Soleil - Zumantity, Kennasaw State University, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, Alliance Theatre, ClaveKazi Dance Company, Gallatin School -- NYU, Taproot Theatre Company, Actor's Gang and Ordway Center

● You can see reVamp's handiwork on Bryce Dallas Howard as well as many extras in the movie "The Loss of the Teardrop Diamond" in 2009.

● reVamp was featured in the February 2008 issue of Paper Magazine.

● Annamarie was in the trapeze episode of "Girls Next Door". She was also in Bridget's birthday episode as she madeBridget Marquardt's outfit and taught her to do her hair and make-up 20s style.

● reVamp is featured in the December 2007 issue of Lucky Magazine.

● You can see reVamp on Selma Hyak, John Travolta and James Gandolfini in the movie "Lonely Hearts" in 2007.

● You can see reVamp's handiwork in the compound scenes in HBO series "Big Love" Episode "Reunion". The "whites" that are worn by 175 extras were stitched here at reVamp. Also pieces were made for Chloe Sevigny and Mary Kay Place.

● Annamarie was in the Mardi Gras episode ("Heart to Heart to Heart") of "Girls Next Door" as she made Bridget Marquardt's outfit. You can also see custom reVamp on Bridget in the Christmas Eve episode. reVamp also did her New Years Eve ensemble and the 4th of July sailor bathing suit. Annamarie will be in another episode involving the flying trapeze this summer.

● reVamp was featured in the February 2007 issue of Fortune Small Business.

● reVamp was named "Best in LA" by Los Angeles Magazine for "Vintage Beauty" for our Vintage Hair and Make-up Series in their Best of LA issue - August 2006.

● reVamp's Bathing Suit Fashion Show was covered by Apparel News, June 30 - July 6, 2006.

● reVamp's Lexy was featured in a bathing suit layout in Lemonade's June 2006 issue.

● reVamp's Billie bathing suit was used in the "Gothic Beach Party" photo spread in Bust Magazine's June 2006 issue.

● reVamp's Lexy bathing suit is featured in the "In Stock" Section of Flaunt Issue #74 - June 2006.

● Two of reVamp's designs will be seen in the 50th Anniversary episode of "As the World Turns" which aired March 31st, 2006.

● reVamp designed 1950s suits for Korn's 2006 tour.

● A few pieces in reVamp's collection will be in the opening scene of the upcoming movie "Crazy" in 2005.

● reVamp redesigned and rebuilt the wedding dress on a upcoming episode of "For Better or Worse" which was aired early in 2005 on TLC.

● Annamarie wearing reVamp clothing will be in an episiode of "Ten Years Younger" on the TLC in 2005.

● reVamp can be seen in Season 2 of HBO's "Carnivale" 2005.

● reVamp designed and built the wedding dress for the Swing theme wedding on "For Better or Worse" which aired March 2004 on TLC.

● reVamp is listed as a classic clothing source in the November 2003 issue of Los Angeles Magazine.

● Organizer of the Fashion Walk, an Open Studio and Sample Sale held at 819 Santee Street, reVamp was covered by both Noho LA Sept 4-17, 2003 and Apparel News Sept 26-Oct 2, 2003.

● reVamp's Burlesque Fashion Show was covered by Apparel News June 20-26, 2003.

● reVamp's Zelda was featured in WWD Los Angeles Supplement, July 2003.

● reVamp and Lucy B.'s clothing was featured in an article reviewing our December 9th fashion show in Apparel News January 3-9, 2003.

● reVamp clothing used in the television show Ed was pictured in US Weekly issue #410 December 23, 2002.

● Our December 9th burlesque fashion show was given a rave review in NoHo Magazine December 19, 2002.

● You may have seen reVamp custom creations on Carlene Mendieta, San Francisco Bay Area aviatrix who has recreated Amelia Earhart's transatlantic flight. She has been seen on CNN, the Discovery Channel, as well as the Jay Leno Show.

● reVamp's clothing was shown on the program "Shecommerce" on the Oxygen Network.

● SF Chronicle featured an article on reVamp in the Datebook section on November 14, 2000.

● reVamp is featured in a 2 hour documentary on Swing called "This Joint is Jumpin'" aired on the Bravo Channel. We will also be included in the companion book of the same name.

● Annamarie, owner of reVamp and 2000 Miss Art Deco, was cover girl in the Weekend Section of the Marin Independent Journal on May 4, 2000 for a story called "Playing with the Past."

● SF Chronicle featured an article on reVamp in the Datebook section on April 18, 2000.

● reVamp has been included in the Schiffer book Swing Style.

● You may have also caught Annamarie's name mentioned in Degen Pener's The Swing Book.

● reVamp fashions can also be seen on the staff at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.