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Custom Wedding Dresses



There are many factors that will affect the cost of a custom made wedding gown. These are whether or not the dress is strapless, is made of lace, requires beading or the use of beaded fabric and has a large skirt or multiple layers of fabric that require individual hemming as well as others. The quote for your dress will take these factors in account. If you find the quote too high for your budget, there are usually ways we can simplify the silhouette in order bring the cost to meet your budget.


• Design consultation
• Patterning
• 1-2 Muslin Mock-ups of the silhouette to check for fit
• Multiple fittings
• Cutting and sewing of the gown in final fabric
• Fabric consultation and guidance
• Alterations to the final gown
• Bridal garment bag

You will be responsible for providing your own fabric as we do not stock bridal fabrics in-house. Every bride would like a fabric unique to her so it is impossible for us to meet everyone’s needs. I have many companies with which I work that I can point your towards. I also have a silk manufacturer that I have a wholesale account with. You can purchase silk through my company at wholesale prices. However, you will need to reimburse me for the cost. I will not abandon you in this process. I am always available for you to show me swatches and get my opinion on fabric choices. No fabric needs to be purchased until you approve the final muslin mock-up.


The process of having a custom wedding gown will include many steps beginning with a quote, consultation appointment, 1st muslin fitting, final fitting, alterations. Each of the steps includes a visit to the reVamp Salon.


Once I see a photograph or a collection of images of the gown you would like to have made, I will give you a quote. If you feel that the quote is within your budget, we will then schedule an appointment for you come in and meet with me to finalize the design.


At this appointment, I will have you come in to finalize the design. We can discuss the factors that affect the price simplifying the silhouette if need be to reduce the cost. We can talk about your vision of the fabric you would like to use. If the dress is a composite of several silhouettes (ie. Sleeve from one dress, bodice from another, and skirt from a third), I will make a design drawing of the gown and give you a final quote.

If you decide you wish to proceed, I will take your measurements and a deposit of $200. I will also take a $200 deposit every time we meet. If there is a remaining balance when the dress is complete, a final payment will need to be paid before the gown can be released to you. We will also schedule an appointment every 2 weeks until the dress is complete. These appointments will be set at each fitting.


In between our consultation and the first fitting, I will be drafting a pattern for you as well as cutting and stitching a muslin mock-up of the silhouette. This means that the dress you wish to be created will be stitched in an inexpensive fabric to check for fit. This will also give you a chance to see the design on your body. This will give you the opportunity to change the design if you desire.

If there are minor changes to the gown, we can move on to making the dress in final fabric. If there are a lot of changes or the design changes, we will do a 2nd muslin for your approval.

Once you approve of the muslin, I will give you a fabric allocation and discuss where to look for fabric. I will take another deposit of $200 at this time. Once you return with the fabric, we will set up an appointment two weeks later.


I will correct the pattern and cut and stitch the gown in final fabric. Sometimes a dress will need to fit in steps. If this is the case with your gown, the dress will be stitched in final fabric, but may be in pieces at the fitting. This means that a second fitting with the gown assembled will need to be scheduled.

If your gown does not need to be fitted in stages and is completely assembled at this fitting, it is likely that the gown will need to be altered and hemmed. I leave all gowns unhemmed until the final fitting when you will be wearing the shoes that you will be on your wedding day.

If there are minor alterations or the gown just needs to be hemmed, I will have you wait and you can take the gown with you at this time. Your remaining balance will need to be paid. Otherwise you will be coming back for a final fitting.


If your dress needed alterations that take more time to complete, you will be coming back for a final fitting. The purpose of this fitting to check to make sure that the alterations solved whatever problem needed to be corrected. If there are additional alterations, we will do them while you wait so you can take the dress with you.


The answer depends on the design and the time frame between our consultation and your wedding day. I have done a wedding gown in as short as 3 days. But the average is 6 weeks to 2 months. Since every appointment is set 2 weeks apart the time frame looks usually like this:

Consulation – 2 weeks
First fitting – 2 weeks
Fitting in final fabric – 2 weeks
Final fitting – 2 weeks

Total time – 2 months

If you require a second muslin or the dress is to be assembled in stages, it will take 2 weeks longer. If your wedding is in less than 2 months, we can accelerate the fittings to happen once a week or closer together if need be.


You should always bring the following items to all of your fittings:

• Foundation garments (bra, Spanks, girdle – anything you think you will be wearing under your dress)
• Shoe of the height you plan on wearing
• Appointment calendar
• Method of payment (check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)


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You will need to be buzzed into the building. Please dial reVamp from the silver call box outside the gate. Take the elevator to the 8th floor. We are located in the back of the building. You will need to proceed through 2 sets of doors in order to find us.

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