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1940s Chignon

1940s Chignon

1. Part wet hair saturated with setting lotion across top of head from ear to ear, trying to keep an equal amount of hair in front and back.

2. Mold back hair into a chignon, making about six twisted curls that meet in the center, then pin to secure (top two curls shown in diagram 2).

3. Divide front hair into three sections. Comb sides backward and upward, then into an upward roll curl. Pin lightly.

4. After side sections are secure, run a roll of tissue an inch in diameter through the center hair (you see ends in diagram 4). The hair beneath the roll is pinned in forehead curls and that on the top of it is combed forward to meet them and pinned. Dry under net and remove tissue. Pin sides high. Comb front and back curls as in photograph.