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1940s Omelette Fold

1940s Omelette Fold

1. Part wet hair saturated with setting lotion from left side of neck diagonally up across back of head.

2. Comb right side of hair up and turn into a series of pin curls turned either way at top of head.

3. Pin the left back hair into a series of forward turned curls.

4. Comb left front hair upward and backward, press into a wave and turn ends back. Pin. Take center front hair, comb upward and back and turn ends outward and right. Pin. Dry under a net and brush it from right back up toward left front. Then brush the left back up and drape it over right hair in an omelette fold. Pin. This produces a deep roll in front which you allow to fall casually. With the ends forced out through the roll you comb a tiny fringe.